Friday, June 18, 2010

Dancing Shoes!

Hi guys,

It's 2am and I can't get to sleep so I decided to blog. Just came home from a wedding, my feet kill but it feels nice. The one thing that generally bugs me about weddings is when they're unorganised. Today it's called time people!!!! Seriously these guys were in dire need of walky talkies or those ear pieces, I'm so going to get those. I mean precision is necessary you technically are only going to get married once haha. Man am I going to be a Bridezilla!!! I can already feel the stress ahaha. On another note check out this pic, man these Epic Fail pics make my day sometimes. Apart from the fact that this movie is so wrong check out this:
Yup I think if Achilles ever rose from the dead and saw this he would die again :P
This is insane man! The contrast in this picture is quite funny there is "Achilles" covered in other soldier's blood, a hero whose legacy has lasted over 2000 years and there above him is a Boeing 747 jet..........EPIC FAIL! ahaha.

Smile :)


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