Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Okay firstly this is just epic! haha.

Hey all,

long time no see. I must admit the holidays make me so lazy! I sleep too much, and everything I have wanted to do has not been done. Last night, I re-organised my desk at 2am and put all my novels in alphabetical order. I get so excited when Alenka texts me from Croatia!! It's so cool, and very awesome! Today I thought I would dedicate this post to the Judgement of Paris and the Golden Apple.
Vase depicting the judgement you can clearly see Athena holding the armour.
So the Judgement of Paris, is one of the main reasons as to why the great ten year war lasted between Greece and Troy. If Paris had chosen Hera or Athena, the war would have never had happened, and I would not be writing this post. I find it amusing, that before this happened, at the competition where Paris entered his bull, which was seen as quite magnificent, Apollo had transformed himself into a bull. Paris, upon seeing the Apollo-bull said outrightly that this bull was the clear winner. Thus Paris was deemed a "fair judge", and soon after that title was obviously not used again. But the blame could easily fall on the gods, if Zeus had not chosen Paris for deciding which of the three goddesses received the apple, it may have not happened. Nevertheless, it was Paris' fate to choose Aphrodite, it was fate to marry the woman whose 'face would launch a thousand ships', and it was the fate of Troy to not survive, but we are not supposed to 'judge up'.

The one example I think of is Disney's Sleeping Beauty, the villain when she enters uninvited, reminds me of this particular instance in Mythology. The golden apple in itself, can represent and stand for a few notions. Firstly, there is this notion of having something, for the sheer joy that it is placed in front of you, and therefore you must have it. The golden apple is rolled by the goddess of discord and lands in between the three goddesses, Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. Secondly, there is the idea of competition if someone else wants it, I want it too. It is a much better victory if you win something from a competition between two other people than just being given something. The part where you are competing brings about another thrill and excitement. So I guess what I'm trying to show, is that the golden apple isn't just an apple it stands for something else, a representation or a symbol of how something so small can start an event so horrific. Also, the apple symbolises the notion that the goddess Strife was never invited to the wedding, because they were fearful she would cause 'strife and discord' but she came anyway because they offended her for not inviting her in the first place.
p.s. I seriously am thinking of becoming a secret agent, after last night! And Lenka you're awesome and I promise to build vast number of monuments depicting you promise :)haha

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alexander the Great!

Hey all,

Firstly I would like to just say how epic Grey's Anatomy finale was. Shel and I were frantically conversing during the add breaks. It was insane. That has to be the most on edge, stressful, dramatic and tearful television I have watched! I started crying half way through it, it was just so shocking, and must be awarded for that. I also missed out on a greek quiz on tv, that was a major fail! I mean the one time it's on I miss out!!
And the Socceroos won last night, I was very proud!! Even though they didn't make it to the next round, they played incredibly well!
Anyway I have decided to dedicate this blog post to Alexander the Great and some fun facts about him and his family!

Birth: Alexander was the son of King Phillip the Second and Olympias, she was one of Phillip's many wives, the fourth one. Because Olympia was not from Macedonia but a princess of Epirus, when Phillip's other son was born Alexander was cast as a bastard for this very reason, and thus why he was not officially named heir of the throne. According to Macedonian law, this also changed the status of Olympias below that of Phillip's other wives and this caused a great deal of conflict between his parents. He was born around July 20th 356 bce.

Childhood: Alexander was educated by Aristotle and memorised the Iliad. One of his most famous achievements as a child, was Bucephalus. When Alexander was 12 he saw this horse, that no one could ride. He made a deal with his father, that if he was able to ride the horse, his father must get it for him, if he failed he would pay for it himself. Alexander realised that the horse was afraid of his own shadow. So he turned the horse, to face the sun and got on the horse. When his father, saw this he said to Alexander: "You must find a kingdom worthy of you my son. Macedon is too small for you". He named the horse Bucephalus, and was his companion through many of his battles, Alexander also named and built a city, the city of Bucephala.

King Alexander:
In 336 bce King Phillip II was killed by his guard Pausanias, thus at the age of 20 Alexander was declared king. He started off his reign, by killing many of his potential rivals, nice way to start a reign as king I must say.

Basic/Fun Facts:
  • Alexander named many or most of his cities Alexandria, there were more than 17 cities, today the main one is in Egypt.
  • His best friend and rumoured "lover" Hephaestion was with him, at all times through all his expeditions. He was also the one who alongside Alexander first landed at Troy. Their relationship is often familiarised with that of Achilles and Patroclus.
  • It is said that Alexander felt that he was the son of Zeus, and an oracle in Egypt also confirmed this for him. His mother also said to him that he was.
  • Alexander had two different coloured eyes, one blue one brown a condition that is today known as Heterochromia, which some used to think was a 'feminine quality'.
  • He also suffered from an inherited condition where his neck was twisted in some way, so it seemed like he was gazing upwards.
  • Alexander and Julius Caesar were both born in July and were both coincedentally both had epilepsy.
  • Alexander had never lost a single battle.
  • His tactical procedures and skills are still used widely today.
  • Alexander loved the Iliad.........awesome! And he had taken a copy on all his campaigns.
  • He had three wives, and had two sons: Alexander IV of Macedon and Heracles of Macedon, both were killed at a young age.
  • Bucephalus was one year younger than Alexander, that's really interesting!
  • According to one of Alexander's general, an amazonian queen brought 300 women to Alexander hoping to create a race of children to be just like him intelligent and strong, haha!
  • One of the legends that often come up in reference to Alexander the Great, is the Gordian knot. The story goes, that when Alexander was in Gordium Turkey, there was a knot which was rumoured to have been done by King Midas. The prophecy was that whoever untied the knot would be the ruler of Asia. Alexander undid the knot by slashing his sword through it...........haha nice ;)
  • Alexander died at the age of 33 in Babylon. The cause of death is not rightly known. Some say poison, some say Malaria. Guess we will
  • never know.



Hey guys,

Firstly I had a look at the new exhibition called Millenia showing at the Hellenic Museum it is very exciting. I get so excited over the littlest things!! But this is pretty epic, mainly because no one knew it existed up until now, and all I did to find it was to google "Ancient Greek Museums Melbourne" and it came up...I am now very glad that I did! Also excited because the girls and I are going go to Laser Skirmish at Crown, now that's exciting!!!!!!

This post I would like to dedicate to Euripides' play Hippolytus. It won first prize and is based on Theseus' son Hippolytus and his wife Phaedra, Hippolytus' step mother. The play is situated in Troezen at Theseus's palace. The play is one of my favourites, because of the multi-layered and complex themes and relationships that take place. For example the hubris of Hippolytus in angering Aphrodite and not worshipping her, but also the fact that Phaedra is not essentially ashamed of her actions but her thoughts. The ability of self control is also a dominant factor.

Here are some extremely funny cartoons, these make my day!!

That's all.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dancing Shoes!

Hi guys,

It's 2am and I can't get to sleep so I decided to blog. Just came home from a wedding, my feet kill but it feels nice. The one thing that generally bugs me about weddings is when they're unorganised. Today it's called time people!!!! Seriously these guys were in dire need of walky talkies or those ear pieces, I'm so going to get those. I mean precision is necessary you technically are only going to get married once haha. Man am I going to be a Bridezilla!!! I can already feel the stress ahaha. On another note check out this pic, man these Epic Fail pics make my day sometimes. Apart from the fact that this movie is so wrong check out this:
Yup I think if Achilles ever rose from the dead and saw this he would die again :P
This is insane man! The contrast in this picture is quite funny there is "Achilles" covered in other soldier's blood, a hero whose legacy has lasted over 2000 years and there above him is a Boeing 747 jet..........EPIC FAIL! ahaha.

Smile :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tired is an understatement!

Hi all,

Had my first ever Uni exam today, quite hectic I must say. But it was good did it feels okay, and tomorrow my last one yay! I am so excited to finnish and I want that feeling of relief.
I was reading this blog and it had a post about the best romantic stories of all time. There was Pyramus and Thisbe......win! I'm serious Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is knock off, everything is sooo similar, and seeing as Pyramus and Thisbe was first... Ancient Greece wins!! Anyway they also included Napoleon and Josephine. Which after reading about, I'm sorry but it just doesn't seem that romantic. Cleopatra and Mark Antony is understandable and Triston and Iseult. I read the story of Triston and Iseult the actual one on the train a few weeks back. While I do admit it was cute, and I enjoy reading and watching love movies and occasionally crying (P.S I love you and a box of tissues) this one didn't appeal to me. For this simple matter, Triston and Iseult only fell in love because of a love potion, that they both unknowingly drunk. They did not fall in love nor did they go through the general stage to get to the falling part haha. Seriously though, they end up drinking the potion and literally two minutes later they are head over heals with each other, gazing into each others eyes etc. Yes they did fall in love, but they fell in love due to a potion nothing more, and later on it just seems like a chore for both of them. Before that there is no inkling that they "like each other", nothing of the sort. Triston has come to escort Iseult to his uncle and she is to become his Uncle's wife. So yes, there are questions that need to be answered regarding this love story. Nevertheless, the admiration these two have for one another is to be commended. I for one like the Cleopatra and Mark Antony one better, she is so awesome and he ended up dying in her arms.........*tear*. This has motivated me to do a post dedicated to Ancient Greece's love stories!!

Until tomorrow and freedom!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Versailles Vous etes belle! ( you are lovely in French) courtesy of Google translate!

Hey all,

Tomorrow is my first Uni exam ever....scary! I hate having to find my seat, it's so annoying! Anyway today I don't know why France was on my mind......wait I do it's because I am currently studying about the Inter-war Period. Anyway I was thinking about Marie Antoinette so I googled the palace at Versailles and wow! As soon as I looked at the Palace I knew there would be some kind of Greek related statues in the Palace because let's face it they
usually are everywhere. So here are some stills from the Palace, the Gardens and Greek statues. This is definitely going on my Bucket List!
You have to admit the French had style ;)

The statue at the top left is of a Nymph, the next one is Castor and Pollux ( they were the twin brothers who were the brothers of Helen and Clytemnestra. The story goes that they shared the same mother but different fathers. Pollux was immortal and Castor mortal when Castor died, Pollux asked Zeus to let him share his immortality with his brother and to keep them together. awww how cute) and the last one is Demeter.

That's it for now.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cafe Press Epicness!

This has got to be my favourite website so far the Greek related things you can find are immensely cool! Here are a few funny things that I found and there are so much more!

Awww this website makes me laugh :D


Here comes the Smoulder

Dobro dan ( Croatian for hello hi Alenka),

Today was a day of many things. First it was a disappointment because the Socceroos lost and so did Roger Federer and it was even worse when I told my mum he lost and she started jumping for joy because "he has won too much and others need a chance" fail mum fail :P
Secondly it was good because my friend Tim Tam came over we had lot's of laughs and it was a good exam stress reliever. Thirdly it was Epic because I came across something which literally made me cry from laughter. Fourthly it was awesome because I made up my mind and will go to the Michael Buble concert next year in February he is too awesome and I love his music, and will be annoyed if I missed it. Fifth it was crappy because after this post I'm going to hopefully study for quite a bit. I cannot wait for exams to be over. Sixth I'm excited for exams to be over so I can do all the things I have planned with my friends.

Okay that's it for now.
p.s. Paris is a pansy that is all.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Let them eat cake.

Geia sou ( Greek for hello lol),

I hate Sundays, I always have, it's a random day. See with Friday it's like yay weekend, Saturday is like woo sleep in tomorrow but Sunday is like eugh Monday tomorrow. So there is a new movie called Immortals being released end of next year. It's about Theseus and how he " together with the gods leads an army to stop the Titans to save mankind". Theseus is played by Henry Cavill that and so I can spot the differences is probably why I shall be watching it. Here are a few stills from the film. Although Theseus as a greek hero annoys me a bit for leaving Ariadne on an Island, after all she did for him! But there is no Ariadne in this, it's Phaedra the young wife he takes and who in Euripides' play falls madly in love with her step son Hippolytus.

And Good luck Socceroos make us proud, Harry Kewell you're awesome!
Big Buble fan here is a line from Smile written by Charlie Chaplin I love it
" Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking" :)


Epic Realisations.


Today and coincidentally last night was a time of realisations and random findings. I created a very large goal and ambition for myself, which was good because it gets me very motivated to study. Secondly I found........wait for it..........a Greek restaurant in Melbourne called Iliad. I mean EPIC or what?!? When i get my P's first place I'm off to is to the Iliad Restaurant! Imagine if someone was like " hey where are you off to?"........."oh just to the Iliad" hahahah awesome!!
I'm babysitting tonight, and currently the kids are having a 'picnic' on their mini Ikea table, and then it's Disney time! Too bad I can't join them.......I love Mulan.
On another note it was my Mum's birthday today, so a very Happy Birthday to her :)
My next book purchase shall be Ajax from Amazon.com I can't find a copy here in Borders so I'm going to do a bit of online Shopping, going to get Euripides' Rhesus, Ajax, the Frogs, the Phoenician Women, the Heracleidae and the Suppliant Maidens. Yes a lot of shopping to do.

That's it for now, back to studying about Realism.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Birthday Cake FTW!!!

Check out these Birthday Cakes cool eh? bahah I would love this!!
It made me laugh so much.


Titanic Fail! :P

Hey guys,

Today was a fun and random day. Alen we will miss you heaps, don't die, don't get lost, please come back betrothed to a certain someone.........please :D haha. Remember when and if there is turbulence, just think of it like the plane is dancing and start singing! And remember all those statistics I gave you. I can't believe you forgot to take your box and I forgot to give it to you....fail :P

We had an awesome day shopping lol at Steph and her four bags!! Today
was also a train fail. And a special thanks to Shel and her epic cupcakes even though one of mine was stolen!! And a thanks to Steph for being at the right place at the right time ahhahaah.

So have heaps of fun Lenka, don't get lost, you won't and remember about Frankfurt move fast it's an insanely large Airport. Also check out my awesome buy, Sophocles' The Theban Plays from 1947. I love old books. I mean who knows what kind of History this book had, who owned it so very awesome. I also can now cross one thing out of my Bucket List, I went into an antique bookshop with a slidey ladder thing........EPIC!!!

Classics relatable conversation:
Us four walking past a Library
Me: "Oooo Columns"
Alenka: "Seriously............their Corinthian" bahahhha nice one ;)

So all up it was a nice day, and farewell Lenka.
That's it for now exams next week and then hello freedom!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Euripides pants Achilles You!

Hi guys,
Just had an intense 43 mintues watching the season finale of Glee, shed a few tears :'(
It was sad I mean come on Sue even cried! haha. I watched a few episodes of the Tudors last night at 1am it was pretty good. Being a woman back in those days would have been insane, thankgod for the 21st Century! Today I was studying for my History exam, basically going back to the inter-war period, interesting but a lot of work.
Check out these funny Greek things I came across! I love these ahaha.
I really want a greek related t-shirt it would be EPIC!!
Achilles has got to be my favourite hero from the Iliad, yes I do feel sorry for Hector but whatcha gonna do? And I know Achilles gets ridiculed a lot for "sulking in his tent" which okay he did, but can you really blame the guy? Agamemnon was being selfish. This line from the Iliad makes me laugh all the time:
" and you, you dog-face" bahaha. But my favourite part of the Iliad is the part where Priam comes to get Hector's body back from Achilles, his speech the way he appeals to Achilles, is so sad yet displays the common courtesies that can take place during war. Here is a quote:
" I have endured what no one on Earth has ever done before- I put my lips on the hands of the man who killed my son" that just makes me cry. I love the Iliad. I think I will end up naming any future son Achilles, it's such an awesome name. I like names that are different, being different is nice. And plus no one will confuse you with anyone else, and you won't have that annoying thing where someone else has the same name as you, at school or at work...fail! I just want to name him Achilles, so I can yell out "Aaaaaachhiiilleeeeeeeeeessss" hahaha! Seriously the guy is cool!

Okay that's enough Achilles rants from me.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Desk.

This is my desk :D

a) that's my awesome flask.
b) thats a tub of lollies.
c). The writings are motivational quotes

Procrastination Sensation!


So look what I came across Frank Miller's second comic after 300, this one called Xerxes. It depicts the battle of Marathon and they will probably be making it into a movie ( Alenka I think it's safe to say we will watch this!) because Leonidas is supposed to make a re occurrence *Alenka and Yags pass out* haha.
And Frank Miller has said he is going to depict Xerxes and his hubris, and show different aspects of the character showing him in Persepolis with Atossa haha (I remember reading her lines). So this is exciting considering the other Greek type movies have been a fail, this one at least is accurate.

Anywho, today was the beginning of Exam revision, so yeah fun! And I just found out that the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, has like a zillion Greek statues of Perseus, Achilles, Helen and more. Before I went, I was looking at brochures and not once did it say anything about Greece, and now I find out. Major fail! That just annoys me, from now on anytime I go overseas I'm going to spend months researching, it totally bums you out when you don't see something!

Yeah that's it for now.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Hi all,

Today while watching How I Met Your Mother, the interesting part of the episode was about Destiny. Hmm I wonder where I will be in say 5 years time, hopefully having achieved some of my long term goals! But isn't fate, the future and Destin
y such an ambiguous topic. I mean if we
were in Ancient Greece we would just visit an oracle to ask anything. But I mean it's so weird thinking about say 5 years time, where I will be and where my friends will be. Freaky....
On another note handed in my last Uni assignments for the semester nice feeling, although tomorrow begins death revision and Exam mode. This is where I stay in pyjamas and trackies and my awesome Oxford jumper for the whole Swotvac. Whilst eating enough food for three people to survive, in one of the places Bear Grylls goes to. I also find my family are a lot more caring and sympathetic during this time, probably because they know i will bite their heads off. Right now I am in STRESS mode, it's when I feel like crying at random times of the day, where Procrastination is this creepy monster that creeps up on you, where I take out my anger on every little thing that happens. This is how I shall be until 17th June (after 3:00 pm). Seriously because of Uni, I have piled on the kilos and there is no exercise travelling there so it's a fail. I need my P's so I can join a gym!

On another note, I randomly thought about Penelope today, what she went through 20 years without seeing Odysseus *tear*, she spends the whole Odyssey crying seriously. So, so sad. And then when he comes home, he has to go back again....what is that literally? Also while chatting to Lenka tonight I realised, I forgot Wentworth Miller's birthday. Seriously like of course I know the date, but I was so busy I totally missed it! wow that's a first. So here are some super dooper pics of him looking smoking hot *drools and sighs*

That's it for now. Not really looking forward to tomorrow

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fail Weekends.

Hiya guys,

This weekend was a fail weekend, at home doing my two final essays for the semester. Then I found out my holidays were shorter than everyone else's yep that bummed me out. I had so many plans for these holidays, now I have to do them in a smaller time frame....fun. Tomorrow will be the last time I have to travel 5 hours (worked it out 1/2 hour bus, 1 hour train, 1 hour tram times two is 5 hours) big epic fail! Then I was thinking and my mind went into " I want to get into Monash mood" I hate it when it does that, I was going good didn't think about it for like 3 weeks, then it creeped back again.... :( It's so depressing really, it makes you feel so dumb, worthless and genuinely crappy. Damn I hate having those thoughts because it will last for like a whole week, I will spend constant hours reading all the info about how to get in, and then still end up depressed. *sigh* it seriously is very disappointing.

On another note, I'm having some mixed feelings about good old Alexander the Great. I mean there are very nice things he does, like he allows Darius' family to continue living the way they were, when he marries Roxana (an afghan might I add) he does not push her into anything. But then he started using and taking part in some Persian traditions, such as having his men kiss him on the hand, and at times bow to him. For the Persians this is a sign of respect, but for the Greeks it's a very Hubristic attitude, and something left for the gods. This started annoying and causing hatred among his men. I mean no offence to the Great Leader, but if you were going to take part in some traditions, take the one's that at least would not offend your men and your own culture. He should of seen that one coming :P

Pizza tonight for dinner! I love winter but man it makes me eat so much!! Seriously it's like I grow an extra stomach and then it shrinks in Summer....fail!

p.s. check out the head bust of Alexander, he was quite the handsome man. It's freaky to see a bust of him so realistic.

Okay that's it for me. Hopefully I will get out of this Depressed mood, probably not for another week. Until tomorrow

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today's Thoughts.


I seriously cannot wait for the holidays, don't get me wrong I enjoy learning but right now I'm so tired it's probably my Vitamin D and Iron levels, I forget to take my tablets even after constant hassling from my mum. I missed out on a trip to Ikea today, fail! I love Ikea, I always map out in my mind what my own place would look like. And for some reason whenever I'm there all I think about is the name Sven, Ikea=Swedish=Sven haha. But hopefully when our house has finally been transformed, I can re-decorate my room. I'm going for white walls, with red, black and white furniture. On the walls, I'm going to have this stencil border thing on one wall from Ikea it's really nice. My future bed is black and is sort of daybed/bed. And on my walls shall be three canvases (one with a black and white image of something Greek have not decided yet, the other one the Eiffel tower which I have on my blog and the last one is a collage of photos from overseas and here) and many book shelves probably black and red to go with the white. Yes I am excited, my mum should have been an interior designer she is awesome at this stuff, seriously and will probably do everything.

Anyway I also watched How I met your mother love it, Barney is just legen..........wait for it dary! haha. I seriously sometimes end up crying from laughter. Still have not finished the documentary on Alexander because of these essays but hopefully Monday night shall be the post :P
Also couldn't get Finn's "Jessies's Girl" out of my head from Glee, he sings it so well.
That's it for now, it was a short post until next time!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Awesome Alexander.

Hi all,

Today was pretty average, I'm tired and sleep deprived.....not good. Getting through this weekend will hopefully go well ( I have one and a half essays to finnish fml) and then after that exam revision...oh the joy! While procrastinating today I watched a documentary on Alexander the Great (okay it's educational so it should only be semi-procastinating), and amazing. It was a really awesome documentary and I only got through a quarter of it but the first thing I loved about it was the quote that said Alexander would become a man that would have Historic Immortality (nice eh?). I am so over essays right now, sometimes I wish time would go faster.
The documentary was so good, I can't get over it. I shall put a proper post about it after I get my essays finished. Also they showed how Archaeologists had found the burial chamber of Phillip (or Phillipe as some like to call it) with all the treasures buried alongside him, it's at the bottom of this hill. So they made a museum in the burial chamber...how cool! That's a "must do" on my bucket list!

On another note going shopping tomorrow for my mum's birthday even though she doesn't like being reminded haha. Might buy a wallet I need a new one, I get sick of them like pencil cases. Speaking of which I shall get a new pencil case for next semester win!!

That's all folks. Early morning start tomorrow, hurrah!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Random Findings.

Hey there fellows,

So today was the second last day of tute's for me this semester.....yay! Is a bit exciting I must say, although there is still a big workload to get through before I am finally free. I came across a few things that I have to do. I have endeavoured to make it my goal to get my P's by October ( until the end of it), by driving 7-8 hours each week and getting lessons. So yes hopefully it shall be done! I watched Glee today very random episode 21 ( it freaked Shel and I out, with the
pregnant women dancing, sometimes it felt like one of the babies woul
d just fall out....*shivers*). I also came across these really nice and Greek relevant bracelets from Sue Sensi, take a peek:

Now if you look closely which you can't sorry but you will see on the coins Athena in her armour, and there is also one with her owl on it. Awesome or what!?! Must invest :)

On another note public transport is a major fail, I am over random moments making eye contact with strangers. Lit was good today, we had photocopied handouts from Herodotus which was a win!!

And I also read about today being the day that the last Harry Potter film had finished shooting. Don't really mind, I'm not a big fan of the movies truth be told the books hell yeah!! (hi zenab and cindy yes I related you guys to HP). So yeah that's it for now today essentially was a day of goals and cool stuff!

p.s. Awesome quote written on a book about greek myths (except for the part about Homer, I love Homer): " Draw your knowledge of the past from me and read the Ancient tales of learned lore. Look neither at the page of Homer, nor of elegy, nor tragic muse, nor epic strain. Seek not the vaunted verse of the cycle; but look in me and you will find in me all that the world contains" .
Until tomorrow,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fail day much?!?


thought I would provide some musings which took place today. I started analysing Euripides' play Hippolytus yes I am planning to do some analysings on the holidays because
a). I will be bored currently being jobless (yes I shall hunt while on holidays and drive!)
b). Because I have to keep in check with my analytical skills when it comes to classics, I'm scared to lose them :/
Anyway I will hopefully have an analysis up here soon for all you fellow Greek Geeks. And then I came across an Age Article on Greece and the financial crisis, and someone put forward the idea that get this they should sell the Parthenon haha that made my day. And then I thought wow how cool would it be to own a piece of such an amazing creation, so if it does pop up for sale I am so bidding........probably will only be able to buy a pebble! But a pebble from the Parthenon awesome or what?? I also found my Troy dvd which I had misplaced it is a bit sad that I literally know more than half of the lines from that ever so incorrect film, I need a job.
I also essayed a bit today and enjoyed it because I related it to Oedipus and Freud win!!
Today was also a fail day, it's weird on the days that I do have Uni I don't want to go and then on the days I don't I do! Very weird!!! Also watched the Horrible Histories they are hilarious! Seriously Youtube it awesome! And then I gave one of my friends tips because she is off to the states like me by herself for the first time, I should write a book :P And I watched the last and final episode of Ugly Betty I cried through all of it, it was sad yet great at the same time because they all got happy endings and she ended up with her hot boss! Aww so picture me at 1am, with my mac on my lap bawling my eyes out that was me!

That's it for now chickadees, until tomorrow when I wake up at 5am but last week of Uni yay!
p.s. I don't know if this is weird or not but why does Euripides look like Jesus? hmm weird.

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