Thursday, June 3, 2010

Awesome Alexander.

Hi all,

Today was pretty average, I'm tired and sleep deprived.....not good. Getting through this weekend will hopefully go well ( I have one and a half essays to finnish fml) and then after that exam revision...oh the joy! While procrastinating today I watched a documentary on Alexander the Great (okay it's educational so it should only be semi-procastinating), and amazing. It was a really awesome documentary and I only got through a quarter of it but the first thing I loved about it was the quote that said Alexander would become a man that would have Historic Immortality (nice eh?). I am so over essays right now, sometimes I wish time would go faster.
The documentary was so good, I can't get over it. I shall put a proper post about it after I get my essays finished. Also they showed how Archaeologists had found the burial chamber of Phillip (or Phillipe as some like to call it) with all the treasures buried alongside him, it's at the bottom of this hill. So they made a museum in the burial cool! That's a "must do" on my bucket list!

On another note going shopping tomorrow for my mum's birthday even though she doesn't like being reminded haha. Might buy a wallet I need a new one, I get sick of them like pencil cases. Speaking of which I shall get a new pencil case for next semester win!!

That's all folks. Early morning start tomorrow, hurrah!


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