Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today's Thoughts.


I seriously cannot wait for the holidays, don't get me wrong I enjoy learning but right now I'm so tired it's probably my Vitamin D and Iron levels, I forget to take my tablets even after constant hassling from my mum. I missed out on a trip to Ikea today, fail! I love Ikea, I always map out in my mind what my own place would look like. And for some reason whenever I'm there all I think about is the name Sven, Ikea=Swedish=Sven haha. But hopefully when our house has finally been transformed, I can re-decorate my room. I'm going for white walls, with red, black and white furniture. On the walls, I'm going to have this stencil border thing on one wall from Ikea it's really nice. My future bed is black and is sort of daybed/bed. And on my walls shall be three canvases (one with a black and white image of something Greek have not decided yet, the other one the Eiffel tower which I have on my blog and the last one is a collage of photos from overseas and here) and many book shelves probably black and red to go with the white. Yes I am excited, my mum should have been an interior designer she is awesome at this stuff, seriously and will probably do everything.

Anyway I also watched How I met your mother love it, Barney is just legen..........wait for it dary! haha. I seriously sometimes end up crying from laughter. Still have not finished the documentary on Alexander because of these essays but hopefully Monday night shall be the post :P
Also couldn't get Finn's "Jessies's Girl" out of my head from Glee, he sings it so well.
That's it for now, it was a short post until next time!


char said...

I love HIMYM, i love barney, i love glee!! and YES it finally works, though the comment thing pops up to a different window, it works :)

exciting stuff!

Yags said...

haha I know he's soo cute ^_^ and yes GLEE epic! lol thanks so much without you i would have that lame grey image and no one could comment. you are Awesome :)

Yags said...
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Yags said...
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char said...

no problems :) blog buddies must stick together ;) haha i'm still waiting for alenka to make her blog! she said she would today but still no blog!!!

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