Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Random Findings.

Hey there fellows,

So today was the second last day of tute's for me this semester.....yay! Is a bit exciting I must say, although there is still a big workload to get through before I am finally free. I came across a few things that I have to do. I have endeavoured to make it my goal to get my P's by October ( until the end of it), by driving 7-8 hours each week and getting lessons. So yes hopefully it shall be done! I watched Glee today very random episode 21 ( it freaked Shel and I out, with the
pregnant women dancing, sometimes it felt like one of the babies woul
d just fall out....*shivers*). I also came across these really nice and Greek relevant bracelets from Sue Sensi, take a peek:

Now if you look closely which you can't sorry but you will see on the coins Athena in her armour, and there is also one with her owl on it. Awesome or what!?! Must invest :)

On another note public transport is a major fail, I am over random moments making eye contact with strangers. Lit was good today, we had photocopied handouts from Herodotus which was a win!!

And I also read about today being the day that the last Harry Potter film had finished shooting. Don't really mind, I'm not a big fan of the movies truth be told the books hell yeah!! (hi zenab and cindy yes I related you guys to HP). So yeah that's it for now today essentially was a day of goals and cool stuff!

p.s. Awesome quote written on a book about greek myths (except for the part about Homer, I love Homer): " Draw your knowledge of the past from me and read the Ancient tales of learned lore. Look neither at the page of Homer, nor of elegy, nor tragic muse, nor epic strain. Seek not the vaunted verse of the cycle; but look in me and you will find in me all that the world contains" .
Until tomorrow,


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