Monday, June 14, 2010

Here comes the Smoulder

Dobro dan ( Croatian for hello hi Alenka),

Today was a day of many things. First it was a disappointment because the Socceroos lost and so did Roger Federer and it was even worse when I told my mum he lost and she started jumping for joy because "he has won too much and others need a chance" fail mum fail :P
Secondly it was good because my friend Tim Tam came over we had lot's of laughs and it was a good exam stress reliever. Thirdly it was Epic because I came across something which literally made me cry from laughter. Fourthly it was awesome because I made up my mind and will go to the Michael Buble concert next year in February he is too awesome and I love his music, and will be annoyed if I missed it. Fifth it was crappy because after this post I'm going to hopefully study for quite a bit. I cannot wait for exams to be over. Sixth I'm excited for exams to be over so I can do all the things I have planned with my friends.

Okay that's it for now.
p.s. Paris is a pansy that is all.



Anonymous said...

True idea

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