Saturday, June 12, 2010

Epic Realisations.


Today and coincidentally last night was a time of realisations and random findings. I created a very large goal and ambition for myself, which was good because it gets me very motivated to study. Secondly I found........wait for it..........a Greek restaurant in Melbourne called Iliad. I mean EPIC or what?!? When i get my P's first place I'm off to is to the Iliad Restaurant! Imagine if someone was like " hey where are you off to?"........."oh just to the Iliad" hahahah awesome!!
I'm babysitting tonight, and currently the kids are having a 'picnic' on their mini Ikea table, and then it's Disney time! Too bad I can't join them.......I love Mulan.
On another note it was my Mum's birthday today, so a very Happy Birthday to her :)
My next book purchase shall be Ajax from I can't find a copy here in Borders so I'm going to do a bit of online Shopping, going to get Euripides' Rhesus, Ajax, the Frogs, the Phoenician Women, the Heracleidae and the Suppliant Maidens. Yes a lot of shopping to do.

That's it for now, back to studying about Realism.



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