Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Euripides pants Achilles You!

Hi guys,
Just had an intense 43 mintues watching the season finale of Glee, shed a few tears :'(
It was sad I mean come on Sue even cried! haha. I watched a few episodes of the Tudors last night at 1am it was pretty good. Being a woman back in those days would have been insane, thankgod for the 21st Century! Today I was studying for my History exam, basically going back to the inter-war period, interesting but a lot of work.
Check out these funny Greek things I came across! I love these ahaha.
I really want a greek related t-shirt it would be EPIC!!
Achilles has got to be my favourite hero from the Iliad, yes I do feel sorry for Hector but whatcha gonna do? And I know Achilles gets ridiculed a lot for "sulking in his tent" which okay he did, but can you really blame the guy? Agamemnon was being selfish. This line from the Iliad makes me laugh all the time:
" and you, you dog-face" bahaha. But my favourite part of the Iliad is the part where Priam comes to get Hector's body back from Achilles, his speech the way he appeals to Achilles, is so sad yet displays the common courtesies that can take place during war. Here is a quote:
" I have endured what no one on Earth has ever done before- I put my lips on the hands of the man who killed my son" that just makes me cry. I love the Iliad. I think I will end up naming any future son Achilles, it's such an awesome name. I like names that are different, being different is nice. And plus no one will confuse you with anyone else, and you won't have that annoying thing where someone else has the same name as you, at school or at! I just want to name him Achilles, so I can yell out "Aaaaaachhiiilleeeeeeeeeessss" hahaha! Seriously the guy is cool!

Okay that's enough Achilles rants from me.


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