Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fail Weekends.

Hiya guys,

This weekend was a fail weekend, at home doing my two final essays for the semester. Then I found out my holidays were shorter than everyone else's yep that bummed me out. I had so many plans for these holidays, now I have to do them in a smaller time Tomorrow will be the last time I have to travel 5 hours (worked it out 1/2 hour bus, 1 hour train, 1 hour tram times two is 5 hours) big epic fail! Then I was thinking and my mind went into " I want to get into Monash mood" I hate it when it does that, I was going good didn't think about it for like 3 weeks, then it creeped back again.... :( It's so depressing really, it makes you feel so dumb, worthless and genuinely crappy. Damn I hate having those thoughts because it will last for like a whole week, I will spend constant hours reading all the info about how to get in, and then still end up depressed. *sigh* it seriously is very disappointing.

On another note, I'm having some mixed feelings about good old Alexander the Great. I mean there are very nice things he does, like he allows Darius' family to continue living the way they were, when he marries Roxana (an afghan might I add) he does not push her into anything. But then he started using and taking part in some Persian traditions, such as having his men kiss him on the hand, and at times bow to him. For the Persians this is a sign of respect, but for the Greeks it's a very Hubristic attitude, and something left for the gods. This started annoying and causing hatred among his men. I mean no offence to the Great Leader, but if you were going to take part in some traditions, take the one's that at least would not offend your men and your own culture. He should of seen that one coming :P

Pizza tonight for dinner! I love winter but man it makes me eat so much!! Seriously it's like I grow an extra stomach and then it shrinks in!

p.s. check out the head bust of Alexander, he was quite the handsome man. It's freaky to see a bust of him so realistic.

Okay that's it for me. Hopefully I will get out of this Depressed mood, probably not for another week. Until tomorrow


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