Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fail day much?!?


thought I would provide some musings which took place today. I started analysing Euripides' play Hippolytus yes I am planning to do some analysings on the holidays because
a). I will be bored currently being jobless (yes I shall hunt while on holidays and drive!)
b). Because I have to keep in check with my analytical skills when it comes to classics, I'm scared to lose them :/
Anyway I will hopefully have an analysis up here soon for all you fellow Greek Geeks. And then I came across an Age Article on Greece and the financial crisis, and someone put forward the idea that get this they should sell the Parthenon haha that made my day. And then I thought wow how cool would it be to own a piece of such an amazing creation, so if it does pop up for sale I am so bidding........probably will only be able to buy a pebble! But a pebble from the Parthenon awesome or what?? I also found my Troy dvd which I had misplaced it is a bit sad that I literally know more than half of the lines from that ever so incorrect film, I need a job.
I also essayed a bit today and enjoyed it because I related it to Oedipus and Freud win!!
Today was also a fail day, it's weird on the days that I do have Uni I don't want to go and then on the days I don't I do! Very weird!!! Also watched the Horrible Histories they are hilarious! Seriously Youtube it awesome! And then I gave one of my friends tips because she is off to the states like me by herself for the first time, I should write a book :P And I watched the last and final episode of Ugly Betty I cried through all of it, it was sad yet great at the same time because they all got happy endings and she ended up with her hot boss! Aww so picture me at 1am, with my mac on my lap bawling my eyes out that was me!

That's it for now chickadees, until tomorrow when I wake up at 5am but last week of Uni yay!
p.s. I don't know if this is weird or not but why does Euripides look like Jesus? hmm weird.


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