Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tired is an understatement!

Hi all,

Had my first ever Uni exam today, quite hectic I must say. But it was good did it feels okay, and tomorrow my last one yay! I am so excited to finnish and I want that feeling of relief.
I was reading this blog and it had a post about the best romantic stories of all time. There was Pyramus and! I'm serious Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is knock off, everything is sooo similar, and seeing as Pyramus and Thisbe was first... Ancient Greece wins!! Anyway they also included Napoleon and Josephine. Which after reading about, I'm sorry but it just doesn't seem that romantic. Cleopatra and Mark Antony is understandable and Triston and Iseult. I read the story of Triston and Iseult the actual one on the train a few weeks back. While I do admit it was cute, and I enjoy reading and watching love movies and occasionally crying (P.S I love you and a box of tissues) this one didn't appeal to me. For this simple matter, Triston and Iseult only fell in love because of a love potion, that they both unknowingly drunk. They did not fall in love nor did they go through the general stage to get to the falling part haha. Seriously though, they end up drinking the potion and literally two minutes later they are head over heals with each other, gazing into each others eyes etc. Yes they did fall in love, but they fell in love due to a potion nothing more, and later on it just seems like a chore for both of them. Before that there is no inkling that they "like each other", nothing of the sort. Triston has come to escort Iseult to his uncle and she is to become his Uncle's wife. So yes, there are questions that need to be answered regarding this love story. Nevertheless, the admiration these two have for one another is to be commended. I for one like the Cleopatra and Mark Antony one better, she is so awesome and he ended up dying in her arms.........*tear*. This has motivated me to do a post dedicated to Ancient Greece's love stories!!

Until tomorrow and freedom!!


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