Monday, June 7, 2010


Hi all,

Today while watching How I Met Your Mother, the interesting part of the episode was about Destiny. Hmm I wonder where I will be in say 5 years time, hopefully having achieved some of my long term goals! But isn't fate, the future and Destin
y such an ambiguous topic. I mean if we
were in Ancient Greece we would just visit an oracle to ask anything. But I mean it's so weird thinking about say 5 years time, where I will be and where my friends will be. Freaky....
On another note handed in my last Uni assignments for the semester nice feeling, although tomorrow begins death revision and Exam mode. This is where I stay in pyjamas and trackies and my awesome Oxford jumper for the whole Swotvac. Whilst eating enough food for three people to survive, in one of the places Bear Grylls goes to. I also find my family are a lot more caring and sympathetic during this time, probably because they know i will bite their heads off. Right now I am in STRESS mode, it's when I feel like crying at random times of the day, where Procrastination is this creepy monster that creeps up on you, where I take out my anger on every little thing that happens. This is how I shall be until 17th June (after 3:00 pm). Seriously because of Uni, I have piled on the kilos and there is no exercise travelling there so it's a fail. I need my P's so I can join a gym!

On another note, I randomly thought about Penelope today, what she went through 20 years without seeing Odysseus *tear*, she spends the whole Odyssey crying seriously. So, so sad. And then when he comes home, he has to go back again....what is that literally? Also while chatting to Lenka tonight I realised, I forgot Wentworth Miller's birthday. Seriously like of course I know the date, but I was so busy I totally missed it! wow that's a first. So here are some super dooper pics of him looking smoking hot *drools and sighs*

That's it for now. Not really looking forward to tomorrow


Leni Lenko said...

woman, thinking of penelope?! come on!
bahaha but i feel for the woman :( and by the eat a lot regardless....and im not saying your FAT COZ YOU ARE NOT!

btw watching big bang atm, LOVING THE GREEK REFERENCES!

Yags said...

bahah I know Greek references FTW! How I met your mother had one before, but got it kinda wrong. LOLOL

I know I eat a lot, I have no self control whatsoever :(
*tear* haha. Major fail.

Can't wait to see you Friday :D

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