Friday, June 11, 2010

Titanic Fail! :P

Hey guys,

Today was a fun and random day. Alen we will miss you heaps, don't die, don't get lost, please come back betrothed to a certain someone.........please :D haha. Remember when and if there is turbulence, just think of it like the plane is dancing and start singing! And remember all those statistics I gave you. I can't believe you forgot to take your box and I forgot to give it to :P

We had an awesome day shopping lol at Steph and her four bags!! Today
was also a train fail. And a special thanks to Shel and her epic cupcakes even though one of mine was stolen!! And a thanks to Steph for being at the right place at the right time ahhahaah.

So have heaps of fun Lenka, don't get lost, you won't and remember about Frankfurt move fast it's an insanely large Airport. Also check out my awesome buy, Sophocles' The Theban Plays from 1947. I love old books. I mean who knows what kind of History this book had, who owned it so very awesome. I also can now cross one thing out of my Bucket List, I went into an antique bookshop with a slidey ladder thing........EPIC!!!

Classics relatable conversation:
Us four walking past a Library
Me: "Oooo Columns"
Alenka: "Seriously............their Corinthian" bahahhha nice one ;)

So all up it was a nice day, and farewell Lenka.
That's it for now exams next week and then hello freedom!



char said...

lol what happened to the cupcakes?

Yags said...

LOL well it kinda fell....... a few times :(
fail! But they were very yummy so meh! haha.

Shelby said...

Thank you Shel for the cupcakes, love, finding the bookshop and stopping from you getting lost!

Yags said...

haha very true! Okay thankyou for all of that Shel :P
yes the bookshop was epic!

char said...

lol that's what happened to my cakes, never bring baked goods along when your on a day trip

Yags said...

haha but I didn't really mind they tasted really nice anyway lol just ate one :P

Leni Lenko said...

bahahaha OMG that was a epic comment! but hey i was right :P

Yags said...

LOL it was funny because you started dissing me for bringing up Greece and the columns then two seconds later you're like their Corinthian bahah.

And Willy Wonka :P bahaha

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