Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Today was the day!! Finally after months of waiting we went to see the Tutankhamun exhibition!!

It was amazing, truly epic!! lol the girls all thought all the Ancient Egyptians looked like me hahah. Shelby found out she is King Tutankhamun reincarnated (I'm serious she has evidence for this haha) and Lenka thought fish could drown!

It was just awesome! the gift shop was just aaammmaazzziiinnggg!! Little did I know, after the gift shop for the exhibition there was another store which had gifts from the British Museum and the Lourve. I nearly died I swear!! I saw some of the stuff that I had already bought from the British Museum. Oh man it was just soo cool!!

Here are a few snaps!

I don't know if you can see but that's a magnet of Victory at Samothrace (EPICCC), and the three keyrings are of a helmet, Medusa and a little Greek soldier. AWESOME!!

The photo came out weird, but it's an inflatable mummy! ahhaha :D

It was truly amazing. I love looking at Ancient Artifacts and thinking wow this is thousands of years old!! People back then used these. It's just insane! ^_^


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