Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tissues and butter menthols.

Hey all,

So the other night I got the flu. Really bad timing, seeing as I'm swamped with Uni work at the moment. It's a bit funny, how I went this whole year even Winter without getting sick, and now that Spring has begun I get a lovely present. I'm such a winger when it comes to being sick!! Also, I really feel like travelling again! One day I would really like to just literally go to the airport and hop on to the next flight going anywhere, even though I am very OCD when it comes to packing, so I don't think it will ever happen. I always have to be prepared and plan everything, it's just the way I roll!

Greek Related Info:
Today's blog shall be focussed on the Chorus
  • The chorus consisted of 12 or 15 members, and often these same members acted as the chorus for a number of plays, for example in the trilogy the Oresteia the chorus would remain the same for all three plays......that's a lot of lines to remember!
  • The chorus were all male, as were all the actors in Ancient Greece.
  • The chorus also wore masks. The reason as to why the masks were used in the first place has been widely conjectured one of the common reasons is that the masks allow a projection of the voice.
  • The chorus is a vital element to any Greek play.
  • The chorus can often embody and become an important character, not only essential in plot development but also in the formation of the narrative.
  • The chorus entered from the Parados.
The modern symbol of theatre we have today, had been derived from Ancient Greece. So next time you see this image, think twice about where it came from!

Whilst we may take the chorus for granted, their worth is undeniable and the background is quite interesting. Also I don't know if it's just me, but the chorus in the image above look really really scary! Can you imagine sleeping and then suddenly waking up and seeing someone standing over you wearing that mask?!? *shudders* It's a tad freaky!
Also, in my lecture we were shown a part from the play Electra, that had been performed in Ancient Greek. Wow, it was absolutely amazing! I really want to see a Greek play, performed in Greek. That would be so so amazing!
That's it for now, while I try and get a good nights sleep!

Much love


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