Friday, September 10, 2010

A lifetime is all we have.


So today we went to visit my Grandfather's grave, and cemeteries are such weird places. I mean you end up living and working hard your whole life, and then you end up dead and lying in a place with other people. Doesn't seem very fair! So as I like to say, "Life is too short to be eating sandwiches". (That's because I don't like sandwiches, and that was my excuse for not eating one, life is too short to have to eat something you don't like). Honestly though, life is so short. For some, it's longer than others for others it has barely begun. So go and indulge in whatever you like without worrying about the calories and feeling guilty. Don't be a tight ass and splurge on yourself or your loved one's once in a while. Go out experience the world when you get the chance, I'm sure there are extraordinary things out there that will inspire you and will marvel you! Go see the Parthenon (that's for me haha). In the end, there is no point living life with regrets and guilt because it will be gone in the blink of an eye. Okay too much death! Seeing as I'm scared of dying, I think I should stop here! Anyway thought I would blog before the last week of Uni, and thus the week where I have a lot of assessment due.....bit nerve racking!

Anyway, hopefully I will do some avid book shopping now. Oh yeah forgot to say I finally have a job now!! YAY! I got my uniform and my NAME TAG! WIN! I'm quite excited to start :)
And we all know that a job means online shopping which means more Greek stuff for me!
Also, I was thinking the other day I don't know what my life would have been like if I wasn't interested in History or Greece. I mean I seriously think my life would have been pointless, and spent doing who knows what! I am so incredibly glad I found something that I love so much!! And for those out there who have not found it yet, I feel for you. And for those who say to me " Why do you study that? or What use is that?". You know what you can all shove it! aahah I enjoy and love it, and that's all that matters!
Long post from me!
Much love


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