Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Antique Bookshops FTW!

Hey guys

Yes it has been ages since I last blogged but alas work and holiday laziness has taken the better of me! So I was going to go see the play Thyestes but it's insanely popular and I didn't get tickets, which I am angry about seeing as I have wanted to watch it since April. Now I'll have to frantically search for another Greek play that's showing this time of year. Today I went book shopping and finally went to this cute retro bookshop near my Uni.

Here's what i got (by the way it's insanely cheap)
And then I also bought Tolstoy's War and Peace I have wanted to read it for ages! On the first page this quote appealed to me, and I think it's quite relevant today

"On the 12th of June 1812 the forces of Western Europe crossed the frontiers of Russia, and war began: in other words, an event took place counter to all the laws of human reason and human nature. Millions of men perpetuated against one another such innumerable crimes, deceptions, treacheries, robberies, forgeries, issues of false monies, depredations, incendiarisms and murders as the annals of all the courts of justice in the world could not muster in the course of whole centuries, but which those who committed them did not at the time regard them as crimes". (1957, Tolstoy).

When I was at this bookshop today I was searching for the Classics section or the Greek books. So firstly I came across literature and I thought oh yeah it should be here. Then I went upstairs and there was a whole section dedicated to Ancient Greece, my face just lit up! :)

Bye for now!


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