Monday, September 13, 2010


Hola guys

So today was the first day of work for me!! I did a seven hour shift, and was quite amazed I was still standing at the end of it and I'm not dead! I was on registers, and I also made my first Burrito!! (WIN!) Whilst on registers and trust me it's not as simple as it looks, Sherb came and surprised me!! I literally was like OMG when I saw her! It was such an awesome surprise, she's so awesome ^_^
I enjoyed working....for now :P ahahha.
Anyway here are some photo's of Achilles, looking his best! This photo above, is a statue of Achilles at Hyde Park. I'm a tad annoyed I found this though, because I went past Hyde Park and if I had known, I would have stopped!

And here he is again with his little leaf! haha
More soon!


char said...

yeah the register is the WORST part for me....and yeah, soon your excitement to work will die haha cause mine's slowly dying. only upside is money :)

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