Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Romulus and Remus strike again!

Hi guys

So this post believe it or not is dedicated to Rome, I know I can see the shock in many of your faces! But alas, the time has struck where I must study them. So today this blog post will be dedicated to the founding myth of Rome, that of
( by the way awesome names for twins they just fit perfectly together!)
The twins are said to be descendants from the Trojan Aeneas.
(pictured here is Lupa and the twins, note how she is standing, in a very protective pose)
Okay so starting at the beginning there was a town named Alba Longa, ruled by King Numitor. His brother Amulius dethrone's his brother, and Numitor is exiled. Numitor also has a daughter, Rhea Silvia who is sent to become a virgin priestess, so that she may not produce any heirs to the throne. However it is said that the god Mars rapes her, and thus Romulus and Remus are born. The babies are placed in a basket on the river, and are eventually washed up on the base of the Palatine Hill. There, a female wolf or Lupa suckles and protects the twins until Faustulus arrives and becomes their foster father, and they are reared up in the Country side not as royalty or in riches. Later on they meet Numitor and he recognises them. They then go and dethrone Amulius and set the rightful king on the throne. The brothers decide to found a city. They both argue over who shall be king, and in the end decide on using Augury and Romulus wins because he sees the most birds. Some time later, Remus dies. His death and the cause of it has been widely conjectured from different sources. Thus on the base of Palatine Hill is where Rome is founded. Romulus finishes building his city and names it Roma, obviously after himself. How may you ask did he find citizens to live in his city? Well, he basically opened up his city to all. Anyone could come and be a citizen slaves, criminals, foreigners and refugees which is quite interesting!
(bahahhha)(win t-shirt I think so!)
(AHAHAHHAH) I've always wondered where that came from :P

Yagius Maximus Nasserious!!! ahaaha ( a attempt to make my name Roman nice! )


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