Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sup peeps

Hey guys

So I'm actually feeling pretty good lately, quite happy really :) i'm content with everything at the moment (except for now when I have 700 words to go on my essay due tomorrow), things are going quite happily. I have a lot to be thankful for including great friends and a fantastic family that keep me smiling all the time.....except for the early hours in the morning, but hey that's just me and I could sleep forever! haha.

Lately I've been procrastinating heaps! It's so bad :/ I usually just fall into these mega geeky phases where I do everything and study heaps. But as of now it's just forcing myself and doing essays the night before! But I promise I will create a new studying regime and stick with it, hope it's not like me and diets :P haha!

Anyway it's my parents 20th wedding anniversary this year in April! :D So exciting my sisters and I are planning a celebration for them! Were thinking Croqenbuche and awesome decorations! I'm so excited this will *fingers crossed* be a huge surprise for them if my little sister doesn't spill the beans lol. Oh and it will be my birthday soon! :D 17 days!! And I'll be 19! It's such a random age, in the middle of 18 and 20, probably because it's an odd number haha.
SO yeah that's my life at the moment I have so many places to go from Ikea to party supply shops in the next few weeks haaha should be fun!
Lenka and I are going to watch Red Riding Hood tomorrow, I think we'll both pee our pants getting scared! I swear if I have nightmares she has to pay compensation for therapy hahah!

This episode was awesome! Barney and Robin see how far they can go touching stuff at the Museum it's soooo funny :D something i would love to do hahah!
p.s. LOVE LOVE LOVE this comic above made me giggle for days!!


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