Saturday, March 19, 2011

Everything Changes!

Hey guys

Wow it's been a few months. So much has happened and so after starting Uni again I thought I would start blogging too! So this semester has been pretty great so far! Nearly all 4 of my subjects are focussing on Ancient Greece right now, which is great! I have a passage analysis on the Iliad, which I have missed doing so it should be fun! I've also started learning Ancient Greek. WOW! It's so awesome but really hard at the same time. There's also a lot to memorise, and I hate rote learning so I'll have to suck it up haha. I can successfully read it but I don't know what the words mean haha except for a few.

I guess this semester started out differently to how I pictured it. So much has changed and I've realised that things can really change in a second, in a blink of the eye. It's so weird to think that certain things would remain the same forever, or for at least a long time and then suddenly they're cut off and you're left standing as if someone just slapped your face. It's a horrible feeling and hopefully as time goes on so too will this terrible feeling. I guess you're just left going how could this have gone wrong and feeling angry.

But yeah, Uni's been good! Lenka and I went and watched the Adjustment Bureau the other day with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. I really enjoyed it and it was about this idea of fate, and how our lives are all mapped out for us from the moment we are born. However Matt Damon's character has to 'fight his fate' to end up being with the girl he loves. It was interesting to compare this notion of fate, where we have free will and we make our own decisions, we determine our own fates to that of fate in the Iliad. Where fate is a presupposed conception and there is no way to change it at all, it's just something which is accepted.

Also we were studying Euripides' Trojan Women and after reading it again, I have come to the conclusion that it is my favourite play, one of my favourites....*cough Antigone cough* haha. It's such an incredibly powerful representation of the most innocent, in a time of war. I think it's influence comes particularly from the fact that it still very much appeals to what were going through today. From Iraq to Libia, Egypt and Yemen it's just a heart wrenching play every scene worst than the last. It makes you feel so terrible afterwards, man Euripides you really were fantastic! Some 2,000 years later people are still studying your plays, still performing them. It's amazing. I really want to see a live production of this play, it would be incredible!!!

Also going for my driving test soon! eeeeep i'll let you know if I pass haha :/
And we also have the Tutankhamun exhibition opening up in April in Melbourne can't wait for it! :D

I also have two weddings coming up, and one of them is big. Which means fancy dress and everything! I'll post pictures up when it's passed haha :)

This blog post's shout out's go to-
Shelby: "That wasn't too bad" what she said after we had lunch at the Conservatory bahahaha it still makes me laugh.
Alenka: the two fail guys who couldn't find their seat at the movies and we both nearly peed our pants!

Love Yags


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