Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's too hot to sleep...

Hey all,

Well Summer has officially begun today was probably the warmest day so far. Summer can be such a pain sometimes, I'm one of those people who can't go to sleep when it's hot I need a little bit of blanket!! And I have a feeling tonight is going to be like that....great!

Anyway, so today I'm going to be submitting my last essay *fingers crossed* and then it's on to Exam revision, where I shall be breathing Rome for two weeks.....hopefully! I also really want to learn how to play either the Piano or Violin! I'm going to make it my New Years resolution!!

I'm super excited for the new Harry Potter movie! I have a whole day planned with the girls, picnic in the Gardens, lots of food and drink, dressing up, were also buying a pair of HP glasses to wear ahha, and then watching it on the big screen! Imax :)
However, I have the worst habit ever. You know when you read a book and then watch the movie, it's natural to compare the two and nearly all the time you find that the book was so much better! Well I've done this with all the Harry Potter movies so far, I sit there in the cinema critiquing every 'wrong' action and it bugs me so so much. But I can't help it!! It just happens. I watched a 1 minute clip from the movie and spotted three things, they didn't do like the book. I realise that they can never include the detail included in a book but grrrrr!! The last Harry Potter movie made me so angry I haven't watched it again :/

Yeah I need help! It also happened with Clash of the Titans and to a lesser extent Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Let's face it, I'll always have high expectations!

I also found out today, that my bestfriend Shelby has never been to the Airport..............EVER! ahaha so I'm going to make sure she goes, these holidays! The Airport is epic, even though it makes me a bit depressed seeing everyone leave, going on their awesome holidays! It's the best feeling in the world embarking on a plane overseas! Shelby we are going to the AIRPORT :D

I came across this picture that just made me go, whoa fantastic photography!!
It's a sign everyone, Zeus is angry!!


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