Thursday, November 25, 2010

Groovy Greeks.

Hi all

So i finished Uni for the semester on Tuesday! I am now on holidays and I've got to say it's a nice feeling. It's weird though whenever I find myself watching tv or just out on the deck I have this sudden feeling of guilt come over me and then I remember, wait I can do this now haaha. My sister got me a copy of Horrible Histories, the Groovy Geeks it's fabulous! Really the drawings are soo funny, it's really ingenious and great way to begin topics too! Anyway so I came across this link and it posts videos of lectures from all the top Universities including Harvard, Yale, Princeton just to name a few. I clicked on the Princeton link and there are quite a number of Classics lectures the first one I'm listening to now is about why we should study Classics, I'm so excited. And then it hit me I seriously cannot get any geekier than this! haha

Until next time!


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