Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Hi guys,

So yesterday Cindy, Zee and I went and watched Harry Potter after moths of waiting, watching snippets of scenes and too much anticipation the day had finally arrived. Funny how you wait for something for so long, and then it's over in the blink of an eye! So we watched it at Imax :) very exciting! The start of the film was quite excellent where they improvised well! The wedding was different to what I pictured, and as were some of the new characters. The parts that I found were quite done well were
- The tale of the three brothers
- Bathilda Bagshot scene (very scary, Cindy and I screamed ahah)
- The scene with Bellatrix at Malfoy manner where she writes 'mudblood' on Hermione's skin a quick and easy shot that depicts many different themes
- Dobby he was so cute especially with his shoes, a reminder of how he is now a free elf
- Hermione/Ron's relationship
- The last part of the film
- scene where Ron stabs the horcrux

The parts the film didn't really concentrate on-
- The horcrux's I found were not really focussed on at all. Firstly there was no proper reminder of how many are needed to be found, how many have been destroyed etc. Also the time in the book spent on discussing, planning where they would find another horcrux was not present at all probably because none of Dumbledore's memories regarding Voldemort were not shown in the previous film *cringe*. Instead the trio spent their time just sitting, at one stage Ron and Hermione are playing the piano, bit of a wtf moment and just reading.
- There is not much if anything on Dumbledore's past. I found this part very interesting in the book, especially the way Harry feels towards Dumbledore was not shown at all. Instead there would just be snippets of Rita Skeeter's article, and her book.
- The extent of Voldemort's terror and annihilation of muggles and non pure bloods was not shown to the extent that it should have. All Voldemort is really shown as is just evil, I think the movies lack the background to this super interesting character, and is really limited to his affect on others
- Dumbeldore's tomb.......... ? computerised cubes really
- and last but not at all least HARRY DANCING WITH HERMIONE this scene made me want to puke really. Okay I understand the idea behind it well and truly, but did they have to put it right in the middle. the dancing was just *gah* :( i wanted to cry right there and then.
- also, why are the ministry workers suddenly all wearing Muggle clothes, surely this was not Voldemort's new uniform code, really?!?

Okay so it looks like I didn't enjoy it, I did but some of the things really really bug me ahha. But watch it, it's very worth while I'll be watching it again with Lenka.

Here are some snaps from yesterday-

me and zenab

us three

us and Voldy

and my overall rating for the film would be a 4/5 (1 point being for the reasons above but also because it was WAY better than the last two :)

Dobby was just awesome once again very very cute, i got a bit teary when he died :'(
Also Imax had their workers dress up as Death Eaters to help people find their seats it was so so so scary. and Kudos to all the people that dressed up! ^_^



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