Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The smell of Antique books

Hey all

So today Lenka and I did a bit of shopping in the city, it was lovely! We also went into an Antique bookshop today it was amazing! I was amazed at all the books the Greek section was not vast but it was fabulous all the same. We didn't want to leave :)

I picked up a illustrated children's book of the Iliad and Odyssey from 1956. It's amazing everything is all simple and very very accurate. The drawings are awesome and the maps are very efficient. It's really really wonderful and I'm going to keep it for my kids :D

This is what it looks like:

The map on the right is really awesome it tells you who comes from where and which city-states are allies of Greece and Troy.

Also read about the Roman statue that washed up on the shore of Jerusalem, it's female, wears a toga and had been estimated as being 2,000 years old the head is missing though. But imagine just walking on the beach and suddenly you see an Ancient statue just standing in the sand pretty epic!

Until later


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