Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ah Fagles!

Hey guys

Long time no blog yes it has been. I finally got my Fagles box set :D
So I'm very happy I'm going to keep it and pass it on to my children ahahh! Yes so I'm very excited it was my Christmas present to myself. Here's what it looks like-
It's so awesome! How many translators have Box Sets may I add? Hardly any not even Richmond bahahahaha.
Anyway I always post pictures of food I eat in the city with friends these were our cakes from Brunetti's
They were very very good!

So I'm nearly half way through Arrian's the Campaigns of Alexander and this description by Arrian is just mesmerising and a bit saddening as well, this is what he describes when Alexander gets to Troy and is visiting the tomb of Achilles and lays a wreath on the tomb
" Alexander laid one on the tomb of Achilles calling him a lucky man, in that he had Homer to proclaim his deeds and preserve his memory. And well might Alexander envy Achilles this piece of good fortune; for in his own case there was no equivalent: his one failure, the single break, as it were, in the long chain of his success, was that he had no worthy chronicler to tell the world of his exploits. No prose history, no epic poem was written about him; he was not celebrated."
If only Alexander could take a look at today and see just how well known he is and how the world knows and studies all his exploits he would be quite happy!

Anyway that's it for now :)

(Arrian trans. Aubrey De Selincourt, the Campaigns of Alexander)


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