Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shock of my life.


So yesterday I received the best news I have ever had the privelage of receiving! I got into my Uni of choice, to finally study Classics at an undergraduate and tertiary level. I just happened to apply randomly as a 'oh I might get in', mind you that 'might' was seriously like a 10% chance! So I got my letter yesterday! Everyone was so surprised, I was and still am surprised/shocked/ecstatic!
Today my sister and I went so I could enrol, we were both so excited! The Classics building
is so beautiful, it literally took my breath away, even more so at the fact that I would get the chance to study here and see it every day! It reminded me of a combination of Oxford University and Hogwarts! I still can't believe it, and probably won't ever!

I seriously feel like I have been given such a wonderful and epic opportunity! And I feel like the luckiest person in the world right now. I have never had a perfect day, but yesterday was it!
Love Yags


char said...

awesome awesome news!!! and melbourne seems like the perfect place to study!! I wish i was there :(

Yags said...

I love the Campus, it's so nice! Aww well who knows like me you can get in too :)
what do you want to study?

char said...

well if i'd go melb, i'd just do commerce there's really the location that gets me


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