Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hermes would have these!

Hi guys,

This is the last week of my holidays, and yesterday was quite eventful. Zee, Cindy and I made butterbeer, chocolate frogs and cupcakes! The butterbeer tasted weird so we decided we would drink a whole glass full at the theme park haha! Anyway this just made me laugh:
I think Hermes would wear/own a pair of these awesome headphones!!

And I also came across this article about extraordinary human abilities and one of them was called Genetic Chimerism. The description started off with "In the Iliad Homer described a creature having body parts from different animals, a chimera, from this mythological monster comes the name of the genetic equivalent – chimerism. Genetic chimerism, or tetragametism, in humans and other animals happens when two fertilized eggs or embryos fuse together early in pregnancy. Each zygote carries a copy of its parents DNA and thus a distinct genetic profile. When these merge, each population of cells retains its genetic character and the resulting embryo becomes a mixture of both. Essentially, a human chimera is their own twin".

Pretty awesome!! (that's the link!)



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