Sunday, May 30, 2010

Percy I'm sorry but with a name like that I cannot take you seriously.

Hello fellow Bloggers/Blog readers/ awesome people,

So Friday night is "movie night" in our house where my other family comes over because we have the massive television. I decided not to join them and I went and watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Now if there is one thing to know about me, it's that when I have some sort of background knowledge about a topic or I have read a book, and if the movie is not the same I get insanely angry and very annoyed. I even went as far as saying once that the script writer was a disgrace to humanity! Yes, that's me! And I do know that a movie can never truly be the exact same as a book due to some uncanny reason but let's face it I have high expectations.

So I started watching the movie and I tried but I just couldn't take the "hero" of this movie seriously with a name like Percy, he just needed something more macho. And some people never cease to amaze me, why on earth would Mount Olympus be located at the top of the Empire State Building and Hermes' flying sandals are winged chucks..... really? I also don't see how Percy is meant to be a hero when all he does, is kill the monsters that other awesome hero's have killed before, Hydra and Medusa. And poor old Hades always the bad guy.

The main part of the movie surrounds the journey that Percy and his two friends (one who is the daughter of Athena *sigh*) go on to find these three opals. One of them is located at a nursery (Medusa's lair), the second one at the Parthenon at Nashville (understandable) and the last one get this is at a Casino in Las Vegas.........seriously? A Casino? Yep that through me off the edge, literally i fell off my bed that was a coincidence but still.

While it wasn't as bad as Clash of the Titans that was horrible it still annoyed me.


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