Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Bucket List.


Public transport may be a fail but the one thing it let's me do is think. I read a lot but it allows a lot of time to think about, life in general ( I have to travel 4.5 hours everyday to uni yes lot's of thinking). So I was thinking about Organ Donation and then I thought about everything I wanted to do in life so I thought of starting a Bucket List......very exciting! As of now I have 30 something entries but I shall update them every time I come across one! Here goes:

1). Ride a red Vespa in Italy while my hair which by that time should be very long flows back in the wind.
2). Go on a Gondola in Venice
3). Step on the Parthenon
4). See everything in Greece (yes everything!!)
5). Climb the Eiffel Tower
6). Visit the Sphinx in Egypt and walk through the Pyramids
7). ransack the Classics section at either: Harvard, Yale, Princeton or Oxford University.
8). Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida.
9). Meet a celebrity
10). Drive through Europe in a smart car.
11). Visit the castles in Europe
12).Get Married on a Saturday
13). Name my son either Achilles or Haemon or both!
14). Go to a vintage book shop with the ladder things that slide.
15). Sleep in a very expensive hotel room.
16). Spend a whole day at the Lourve Museum
17). Spend another day at the Lourve Museum shop
18). Go on the set of a movie aka Hollywood action blockbuster
19). Randomly get up one day and decide to go on a Holiday
20). Learn to read and write Ancient Greek
21). Get a tatoo on my flank (left side)
22). experience motherhood
23). Organise my perfect wedding
24). Go to Ireland (whilst single)
25). Read all the Classic novels and own.
26). Go to a fashion show in Paris or Milan
27). See a Greek Play at the Amphitheatre in Greece.
28). Go fishing and catch a fish
29). Shoot a gun
30). Drink a double vodka martini shaken not stirred
31). Learn Archery and shoot an arrow in the target
32).Read and own every single existent Greek play.
33). Go Camping
34). Go to Disneyland
35). See the Colosseum in Rome
36). Go to the Melbourne Cup in an Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit.
37). Get my PhD in Classics
38). Do part of a post-grad degree at a Uni overseas.

That's all I have so far hopefully more to come!! :)


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