Thursday, April 7, 2011

time to blog again.

Hey guys

I was in a 'blogging mood' so here I am! So next week the girls and I are going to *fingers crossed* go to the Tutankhamun exhibition soooo excited! I'll post some pictures too :)
Part of the excitement comes from the Gift Shop, it's the highlight and I love how they put it at the end, just makes it all the more awesome. You never know what goodies you will come across at a Museum Gift Shop, ahhh. Museums are great, seriously I would live in one if I could. They are so amazing and so awe-inspiring. The last exhibition we went to was the Titanic Exhibition and that was mind blowing!!! Seriously one of the greatest exhibitions ever!!!

I came across this Yves Saing Laurent perfume for men, very interesting concept and name!

Kinda cool eh?
Love Yags


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